Ever since its inception, this educational institution of great repute, has been playing a pivotal role in moulding many eminent and industrious personalities who have been leaving an indelible stamp in various realms of life. It has been envisaged that the service and support of these multifaceted alumnae can be availed to the benefit of the alma mater. With this noble aim, an alumnae association has been formed in this college. The association displayed their unflinching cooperation in all the activities and the overall development of the college.

Alumni Executive Members
Secretary Smt.Reena Nair
President Adv. Indira.P
Members Smt. Mekha Surendran
Smt. Selvi P
Smt. Vidya Manoj
Smt. Lasitha P.P.
Smt. Praseetha Vinod.